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Thank you very much for shopping with us and supporting our studio!

To help you to understand the nature of our products and how to care for them properly, here are some facts which will allow you to keep them in the best condition and keep them serving you for as long as possible.



We always try to show the actual colours of all the products but the colour of the real life product may also vary from the photo representation due to screen monitor colour settings and restrictions. The handmade items are not mass manufactured but each one is individually created and crafted.


Please note that there may appear slight differences between the products from the same colour series (this may be important if you decide to purchase more than one item of the same colour). This may happen because the colour is applied directly to the clean and natural cotton. Such cotton already has its own and unique colour given to it by Mother Nature. This is why the slight differences between the items may be sometimes noticeable. This fact however is also the best proof that by buying our products you have the guarantee of obtaining an item which is unique, original and 100% natural.


Our products are made from the natural cotton cord and the exact dimensions are approximate and the margin of difference can be +/- 2cm on small items and +/- 5cm on large items.



Rugs up to 130cm in diameter – machine wash at 30 degrees.

Rugs above 130cm in diameter – due to the size of the product professional dry cleaning is recommended.

Dry on a flat surface and shape to its right form when still damp.

Other products  – due to the size and the nature of the product professional dry cleaning is recommended.

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