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Renata Nekrasz Art & Design is a studio, which target is to design interior decoration accessories made by traditional production techniques. My mission is to keep old fashion style in new form, shape and texture. Everything was already invented, nothing is really new, but imagination has been unlimited.


All created projects are inspire by craft techniques of our ancestors represents in the contemporary design form. Skills acquired from my youngest years e.g. materials knowledge, macrame, sewing, knitting have become irreplaceable in my work. The materials used to production are mixed, starting from cotton, flax, wollen, jute to the different  strings and ropes thickness.


Life and art are inseparable. I get inspiration from outside - my visible life  and inside -  invisible soul. According to my motto "My soul, my muse". Uniqueness of projects is about how to get together nature beauty with usefulness. Every project extraordinary quality, which was handmade, become important part of luxury. 

You want different handcrafted crochet product that I do not offer? Maybe use different, fancy material or colour?


Feel free to ask if your idea is possible to make, by sending e-mail to and I'll see what I can do.

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